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  DATASEISMIC | Geophysical Services
3-D Refraction Statics.
Hampson & Russell.
A comparison of the fluid factor with λ and μ in AVO analysis.
Amplitude Anomalies in a sequence stratigraphic framework: Exploration successes and pitfalls in a subgorge play, Sacramento Basin, California.
Hampson & Russell.
Elastic Impedance.
First Break Interpretation using Generalized Linear Inversion.
Hampson & Russell.
Fluid discrimination of post-stack “bright spots” in the Columbus Basin, offshore.
Young & Tatham.
Generalized Linear Inversion of reflection seismic data.
Cooke & Schneider.
Improved AVO fluid detection and lithology discrimination using Lame petrophysical parameters.
Goodway, Taiwen & Downton.
Interpretational applications of spectral decomposition in reservoir characterization.
Partyka, Gridley & Lopez.
Layer-thickness determination and stratigraphic interpretation using spectral inversion: Theory and application.
Puryear & Castagna.
Relationship between Vp and Vs in silicates rocks.
Castagna, Batzle & Eastwood.
Shear-Wave Velocity Control.
Castagna, Batzle, Tubman, Gaiser & Burnett.
Special Section: AVO.
Chopra & Castagna.
Tomographic Inversion of Near Surface Velocity Structure and Refraction Statics.
Qing Li.