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  DATASEISMIC | Geophysical Services

P and S Waves Acoustic Impedance Inversion Volumes

As known, an inversion mechanism means generally speaking, to determine the features of a process by observing its effects. In this particular case, we talk about determining Acoustic Impedance values (Velocity times Density) from seismic input, removing the wavelet and creating models which attempts to resemble reality as close as possible.

By processing well log data together with other from 2D/3D seismic surveys we perform a complex, time consuming analysis, in the course of which we create several different models, in a search for the best fit to the desired output inversion that after applying the right processing including Pre or Post Stack data, should result in a precise P or S Wave Acoustic Impedance volume.

Actually, we use several inversion methods and among them are:

    • Model Based
    • Band Limited
    • Neural Network

After a final testing and evaluation of these entire model variants, a most fitted to our Customers requirement model should arise.