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AVO (Amplitude vs. Offset)

If it is possible to count with Pre Stack data of a certain minimal quality, DataSeismic can perform AVO analysis (Amplitude vs. Offset), very important for the investigation of amplitude anomalies which could lead to Hydrocarbon indications, specially for reservoirs containing gas.

Since this is a very detailed and time consuming study, requiring the execution of a complex sequence of tasks, many of which depend in part on the technical evaluation of our professionals and the rest on our technological capacity, we believe that it becomes more convenient to divide this process in two big phases:

    • Feasibility Study
    • AVO Study

In the first stage, we perform a detailed input information evaluation, celebrate meetings with our Customers and, after a full analysis of the resulting crossplots and tests results, together we arrive to a decision about the benefits of proceeding or not to the next stage, the AVO study itself.

During the AVO study, we extract all possible information from Pre Stack data, making several tests for different incidence angles, applying fluid replacement algorithms y performing predictions with pseudo-logs to essay models that will allow to weight an amount of variables belonging to the area under research.

From this in-deep analysis, a big part of which requires a full interaction between our scientists and Customer's personnel, will then come up several graphs and seismic volumes representing found anomalies, as well as complementary data contributing to a better positioning of Bright Spots and like, and an idea of its extension.

We believe that this is the best approach, given present world economic conditions, since it allows for a gradual movement towards concrete results in a Hydrocarbon indicators research, accompanying our Customers in a permanent and difficult decision making environment.

Last but not least, we trust that this is a better way to distribute tasks costs more fairly along a project, which helps facilitate management and justification of the exploration budget.