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  DATASEISMIC | Geophysical Services

Simultaneous Inversion, Rho, Vp/Vs, Zp & Zs volumes

By using Simultaneous Inversion processes from Pre Stack data, we can produce S and P Wave Acoustic Impedance, Density and Vp/Vs volumes.

This procedure allows the simultaneous creation of several attribute volumes at once, based on a simultaneous parameterization, with a significant initial improvement in signal to noise relationship thru the use of supergathers and an adequate filtering algorithm for optimal results.

As in previously mentioned processes, all products of this inversion are then compared to their equivalents from other methods (Post Stack, single inversion, etc), meaning a cross validation and giving still more elements to help make decisions.

Finally, all our deliverables contain detailed reports, profusely populated with images and graphs from all analysis procedures, multiple copies in required media of all produced seismic volumes, models descriptions and explanations of parameters used on each stage.