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  DATASEISMIC | Geophysical Services
Raúl Stolarza
President of DataSeismic S.A. (Argentina)
Raul Stolarza is the cofounder Dataseismic S.A and DataSeismic Corporation and he has been the President of Dataseismic S.A. since 1993. With more than 30 years of experience in oil exploration beginning as Seismic Processing Analyst for a Denver Processing Center. A year after that, he becomes a Supervisor for Seismic Data Processing at Geosource Exploration Co. and Geomatter. He has working experience as a Reservoir Modeling Geophysicist for INLAB S.A., becoming soon Manager of Seismic Processing for Sismos S.A. His work experience has been enriched with academic features, evolving as a Professor of Seismic Processing for Geophysicists and Field Seismologists and teaching his own collaborators. Lic. Raul Stolarza has a Physics degree from the University of Buenos Aires, Argentina and he designed advanced training courses in several areas like Seismic Data Processing and Reservoir Characterization.
Santiago Juranovic
President of DataSeismic Corp. (USA)
Santiago Juranovic is the cofounder of Tecnoseis S.A., Dataseismic S.A. and DataSeismic Coporation and he has been the vice-president of Dataseismic S.A. since 1993. Starting in 2011 he perform as President of DataSeismic Corporation. He has been working for more than 30 years in the oil industry. In the last years he focused his research in Reservoir Geophysics. Previously he has worked as a field seismologist for Geophysical Services Inc., he has been Head of Department of Seismostratigraphy at YPF Argentina, Operation Manager for Argentina, Chile and Paraguay and Area Geophysicist for Latin America (Argentina, Paraguay, Chile, Bolivia, Venezuela, Peru and Guatemala) for Geosource Exploration Co. He has working experience as a Seismic Interpreter for Argentina and Turkmenistan, working for Pan American Energy (formerly Bridas). His knowledge is not only based in the industry, but also in the academic environment, since he was a Professor of Geophysics at Universidad Nacional de Cuyo and Universidad de Buenos Aires. He has occupied the charge of Director of the Superior Institute of Oil Exploration (ISEP) in Universidad Nacional de Cuyo. Dr. Santiago Juranovic has a Physics Professor and Geophysics degrees from Universidad Nacional de La Plata, Argentina. He has made a PhD in Geophysics focusing his research in Seismostratigraphy for Hydrocarbon Exploitation. He has made the Hydrocarbon Exploitation Specialty from Instituto Tecnológico de Buenos Aires (ITBA).
Marcelo Zabala
Coordinator of the Processing Center
Marcelo Zabala has been evolved as Coordinator of the Processing Center of Dataseismic since 1993. With more than 18 years of experience in Seismic Data Processing began his career as Seismic Analyst in SEP. He is a cofounder of Dataseismic. He has an Electromechanical Technician degree obtained in 1987 from CONET. He has taken advanced training courses in Seismic Processing, Well Logging and Reservoir Geophysics.
Alejandro Azadte

IT & New Techniques
Alejandro Azadte has joined the company in 2007 but he has been working with DataSeismic since 1993 as a Computer Technology & Development Consultant. With more than 30 years experience in practically all kind of computer hardware and software, he is in charge of the development of new techniques for seismic data processing, seismic data management and storage and testing of related new software and hardware. Development of customized proprietary software and support for all applications is also among his tasks. After several years in Dataseismic he gained experience in the Geosciences world, working also in Static Corrections, Reservoir Geophysics and Non-Conventional Seismic Data Processing. He worked 20 years for IBM Argentina and almost 10 years for Sun Microsystems Argentina, taking countless trainings in the USA and other countries.