Our goal is to deliver the best geophysical service to Oil & Gas Companies, using ultimate technology and artisan’s dedication.

Seismic Acquisition
Design & QC  

The Staff of DataSeismic has been working in seismic data acquisition for more than 15 years, performing Field Supervision, Field Crew Management and Seismic Data Acquisition Design for several Oil Companies.

Our services include:

1. Field Supervision & QC
2. Field Seismic Data Processing
3. 2D & 3D Seismic Acquisition Design
4. Environmental QC

All work will be performed by professionals from different specialties, like Geology, Geophysics and Surveying, in order to fulfill technical and logistical requirements of any particular project.

In order to perform the tasks described above, Dataseismic will settle Mobile Processing Centers, right in location of the seismic acquisition. These mobile centers will be connected via Internet to the Main Processing Center.

In DataSeismic Geophysical Services we are committed to Environmental Care. For this reason the Mobile Processing Center will fulfill all the requirements to preserve it and will follow all Environmental, Health and Safety Rules.