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Quantitative Seismic Analysis
Data Conditioning  

Amplitude Preserving Conditioning is key for accurate estimation of reservoir properties. Quantitative interpretation projects depend on the quality of the seismic data, and in particular in preserving the true amplitudes of the seismic trace.

QI™’s state-of-the-art filters remove random and coherent noise from both pre-stack and post-stack data. Crucially, all filters are amplitude and AVO friendly and have been tested widely in datasets around the world in different geological settings.

Improve your interpretation by using QI™ filters to condition your seismic data. As a result, you’ll achieve better structural detail, more robust inversion of elastic attributes and superior prediction of your reservoir properties.


• Get access to pre-stack and post-stack seismic guided filters that remove random and coherent noise while preserving the lateral discontinuities present in the seismic data and compensating for variable grid spacing.

  • - Edge preserving structural filters
  • - Time-offset variant radon filter
  • - AVO filters (no model required)

QI™ also includes a comprehensive set of QC tools to support your data analysis

• Quickly define and share customized conditioning sequences for pre-stack or post-stack data


QI™ preserves the signal, which means you provide better inputs for interpretation, AVO analysis and inversion

• Achieve better data conditioning with QI™’s easily created custom sequences – flexibility that meets your needs

• Get fast results with QI™’s scalable parallel processing