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Quantitative Seismic Analysis
Spectral Decomposition  

QI™’s Spectral Decomposition reveals stratigraphic and structural details using the industry’s most advanced commercially available spectral decomposition methods.

Four spectral decomposition methods, including 2 best-in-class methods, empower your interpreters with seamless integration to your existing workflow, standalone or as a plug-in to Petrel or DecisionSpace®

Unlike standard methods, Lumina’s PSSD and CLSSA methods are free of the constraints of windowing, so you preserve the time resolution inherent in the data.


  • Choose from four spectral decomposition techniques including 2 best-in-class methods:

    • - Particle Swarm Spectral Decomposition (PSSD)
    • - Constrained Least-Squares Spectral Analysis (CLSSA)
    • - Short Time Fourier Transform (STFT)
    • - Continuous Wavelet Transform (CWT)
  • Output multiple spectral attributes such as magnitudes, polarity preserving amplitudes, phase, common frequency cubes, frequency gathers and more


  • Get optimum results by choosing the technique best suited to your objectives

  • Get higher resolution reservoir characterization from the outstanding event localization of PSSD and CLSSA both in time and frequency domains

  • Achieve faster characterization of areas of interest such as bright spots or faults, by generating multiple spectral attributes simultaneously