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Quantitative Seismic Analysis
Bandwidth Extension  

Enhance vertical resolution with QI™’s bandwidth extension, giving you a detailed stratigraphic and structural seismic image greatly superior to your conventional seismic.

This improved detail opens the road for a better understanding of your reservoir character and highlights potential thin reservoirs that might otherwise have been undetected or overlooked.

Go pre-stack for high resolution reservoir properties. Proven on numerous reservoirs and settings, you can also apply QI™’s bandwidth extension on pre-stack data to achieve high-resolution AVO attributes, and invert for detailed elastic properties.


• Double (or more) your seismic resolution of both pre-stack and post-stack data

• Simple to use – Requires no a priori model, no reflectivity assumptions, no horizon constraints, no well information, no wavelet extraction

• Virtually parameter-less, the process doesn’t require any testing to optimize results

• Fast, and scalable parallel processing ensures rapid results


• Uncover hidden reservoir features that impact productivity or well performance

• Improve your prediction of reservoir properties and reserves

• Plan better wells by getting better understanding of deposition and connectivity

• Ideal for Exploration and situations with little or no well control