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Quantitative Seismic Analysis
Pre-Stack AVA Inversion  

Use QI™’S simultaneous elastic inversion to invert simultaneously for elastic properties from seismic gathers. With QI™ your inverted results have geological meaning and are calibrated to local rock physics responses.

The inverted elastic volumes can be used for interpretation and characterization of reservoirs and can also be used to discriminate between lithological and fluid effects.

Faster, easier and more effective simultaneous elastic inversion than complex manual processes QI™’s intelligent approach simplifies parameter selection by automatically calculating weights based on the available incidence angles in the input data.

Robust and rock physics-consistent low-frequency models can be calculated using a simple workflow, which combined with interactive QC tools result in highly interpretable and geologically valid inversion results.


• Provides easy access to Rock-physics constrained simultaneous elastic inversion

• Automatic data-based calculation of weights for AVA inversion


• Fast and accurate AVA reservoir characterization

• Gain better understanding of your reservoir by discriminating between lithologic and fluid effects

• Improve your interpretation and analysis of unconventional reservoirs by calculating reservoir properties like brittlenes

• Easily predict even more reservoir properties by using the results in QI™’s Multi-Attribute Analysis module

• Get higher resolution and more accurate interpretation by combining with QI™’s Bandwidth extension and other modules.