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Quantitative Seismic Analysis
Phase Decomposition  

Accentuate subtle amplitude and phase anomalies with QI™’s phase decomposition module.

QI™ allows you to decompose your seismic data into unique phase components, producing remarkable phase attributes that can highlight features and provide information not visible on standard seismic traces such as thin beds and bright spots.

An excellent direct hydrocarbon indicator, phase decomposition is a unique process only available in Lumina QI™. It can dramatically highlight anomalies that you otherwise struggle to accurately detect in your seismic.


• Decompose seismic data into unique phase components

  • - Flat spots and water contacts may show directly on the zero-phase component
  • - Thin beds and impedance ramps will show on the components that are 90° out of phase with the wavelet

• Detect and enhance amplitude vs. phase anomalies due to lithologic, pore fluid or other changes in thin beds


• Detect and image subtle seismic anomalies in beds too thin to be accurately imaged

• Show and interpret bright spots more readily in terms of hydrocarbon content

• Clearly reveal bed continuity for more detailed interpretation

• Pick more consistent horizons by picking on distinct phase components

• Reduce ambiguity between flat spots and unresolved water contacts