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Quantitative Seismic Analysis
Post-Stack Inversion  

QI™’S high fidelity post-stack inversion lets you extract geologically meaningful acoustic properties from your seismic traces at both conventional as extended resolution.

Interactive applications for low-frequency model building and inversion parameterization QC make sure that optimum inversion results can be achieved in every case.

Get better correlation between the inverted property and the well logs with QI™. The robust amplitude scaling implemented in the inversion algorithm minimizes the effect of the seismic amplitude scale in the inversion result.

With QI™’s post-stack inversion you extract more detail and higher resolution from the seismic traces than conventional approaches, faster.


• Invert any type of post-stack data including AVO attributes volumes, Elastic impedance and EEI

• Fully integrated viewers for easy setup and optimization

• Fast algorithm, optimized for both conventional and high resolution input and output


• Focus your results on the specific needs of your data and objectives – QI™’s simple but robust low-frequency model approach lets you extrapolate any desired log type

• Easy to set up with intuitive selection of parameters and a simple interface

• Get higher resolution and more accurate interpretation by combining with QI™’s Bandwidth extension and other modules