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Quantitative Seismic Analysis
Multi-Attribute Analysis  

Reservoir property prediction with QI™’s multi-attribute prediction process combines the minimum number of uncorrelated attributes to generate high-resolution reservoir property volumes.

This lets you predict rock properties away from well control, uncovering geological information hidden in the seismic traces, like lateral extent, internal layering and rock property changes (porosity, Vsh, etc).

Proven on datasets worldwide, QI™’s multi-attribute analysis has been successfully used in widely varying settings to predict reservoir properties such as porosity, resistivity, Vsh, GammaRay and facies.


• A simple workflow allows for the prediction and QC of reservoir properties away from well control

QI™ Multi-attribute analysis can extend the natural bandwidth of the seismic data by combining conventional and high-resolution seismic attributes using selected well log curves as a guide


•See your reservoir delineation at a glance, with improved visualization of layer responses and layer internal composition

• Use these property predictions directly to get additional information about the reservoir extents and quality

• Use as an input for reservoir model building to improve model quality for well planning, reservoir simulation and reserves estimation