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Refraction Statics  

DataSeismic combines more than 25 years’ experience in land data processing and leading edge software to offer multiple methods for solving near-surface modeling challenges. Each unique method has distinctive strengths to address data variability and near surface characteristics:

• Delay time layer-based model Conventional Delay time solution with interactivity to help making essential interpretive decisions and optimize interpretive steps. Interactive tools assist with refractor selection, weathering velocity, refractor smoothing, and statics computation and datum selection.

• 3D Eikonal tomography A powerful node-based modeling approach, the Eikonal solution delivers quick run time and accurate results.

• Variable Node Spacing (VNS) tomography VNS allows the use of vertically variable node spacing to get an increasingly finer resolution as one gets closer to the surface. It combines the benefits of finer resolution in the very near surface where velocities have much greater variance, while saving memory lower down in the model, where the velocity contrast is far less sharp.