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Quantitative Seismic Analysis
Band Stacking  

Isolate specific frequency bands with QI™’s band stacking module, a unique spectral decomposition application that allows time-variant stacking of frequency gathers.

As different earth layers exhibit constructive interference in differing frequency bands, band stacking is a powerful way to recognize and accentuate anomalous frequency responses.

You can surgically isolate responses of interest, because QI™’s band stacking module allows the time varying stacking parameters to be interactively picked on frequency gathers in any shape you require.


• Interactively select time-varying stacking parameters on frequency gathers

• Extract and isolate signals dominant in differing frequency bands

• Magnify anomalous frequency responses associated with channels and dunes


• Easily enhance hydrocarbon detection by amplifying low frequency shadows associated with hydrocarbons

• Increase your seismic detail by performing spectral bluing without adding side-lobes